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JSPS Strasbourg Office
August 2018
Selection Meeting held for Postdoctoral Fellowship (short-term) and Pre-departure Orientation for JSPS Summer Program 2018
Attending this selection meeting from CNRS were Ms. Chamira Lessigny, Deputy Director for International Cooperation: Asia Division and Ms. Caroline Danilovic, International Cooperation Officer, and from JSPS were Dr. Kazuhiko Saigo, Strasbourg Office Director, Ms. Chihiro Saiki, Deputy Director Strasbourg Office, Mr. Shioi, Ms. Tomomi Koma Overseas Fellowship Division Section Chief and Ms. Yurika Harada. As a result of the meeting’s deliberations, five candidates for the fellowship were selected. Care was taken to ensure a good diversity of fields among the candidates: Organic Chemistry, Informatics, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Anthropology and Mathematics.
That afternoon, a pre-departure orientation was convened for participants of this year’s JSPS Summer Program in Japan, held under the JSPS program International Fellowships for Research in Japan. It was attended by 16 of the 20 young researchers selected from around France to participate in the Summer Program.

The orientation was kicked off by remarks from Ms. Chamira Lessigny, CNRS Deputy Director and Dr. Saigo, JSPS Strasbourg Office Director. Next, Ms. Koma, JSPS Section Chief told the departing participants about the Summer Program’s nature and content, preparations they should make before departure, and things to keep in mind after arriving in Japan. She was followed by Ms. Saiki, Strasbourg Office Deputy Director who briefed the participants on the Strasbourg Office’s and JSPS’s programs. Then, Ms. Florencia Di Rocco and Ms. Laure Mignerot, who participated in the Summer Program in 2016, talked about their experiences in Japan using a lot of photos, including their homestay with a Japanese family and their research at a Japanese university.

Following the orientation, a send-off reception was held for the departing Summer Program participants, giving them an ideal opportunity to meet, talk and get to know each other before leaving for Japan.
JSPS Strasbourg Office Staff Visit Consulate-General of Japan in Strasbourg
In the afternoon of 9 April, the JSPS Strasbourg Office staff made a courtesy visit to Mr. Takamasa Sato, Consulate-General of Japan in Strasbourg, during which Dr. Saigo introduced himself as the new JSPS Strasbourg Office Director and engaged with Mr. Sato in a conversation about the state of cooperation between the JSPS Strasbourg Office and the Consulate-General and on the two organizations’ future cooperation plans.

Members of Consulate-General’s office talked about a commemorative event to be held this year for the 160th anniversary of Franco-Japanese exchange while the Japanese members talked about various events that they are planning. The conversation branched out in various directions including economic and cultural exchange. Mr. Sato asked Dr. Saigo, who had lived in Strasbourg 38 years ago, about his impression of how the town had changed over the years.
JSPS Strasbourg Office Staff Visit Vice Presidents of the University of Strasbourg
In the afternoon of 5 June, the JSPS Strasbourg Office staff made a courtesy visit to the University of Strasbourg. They met with Prof. Catherine Florentz, Vice-President in charge of Research and Doctoral Training, and Prof. Irini Tsamadou-Jacoberger, Vice-President in charge of International Relations, at Institut Le Bel on the University’s campus.

JSPS Strasbourg’s office is located on the campus of The University of Strasbourg, making the University a uniquely important partner of the JSPS Strasbourg Office. This visit to the vice presidents was the first made by the office staff since Dr. Saigo became its new director. Their conversation was held in a cordial yet spirited atmosphere, in which past cooperative relationship between the Office and University and between Japan and the University was revisited and future mutual ties reconfirmed. Dr. Saigo talked about the office’s vision regarding the holding of future forums with the university.
JSPS-MUFJ Seminar Report
«Le goût du vin: croyances et réalités»
May 16 (Wed) Alain BURGER (Nice Sophia Antipolis University)
This seminar took a scientific perspective of wine across its spectrum from distillation to consumption. Covering such interesting aspects to the general public as genres of wine, the relationship between soil and grape cultivation, the wine distilling process, chemical elements used in creating wine color, bouquet and flavor, and the mechanism in humans for perceiving wine flavor. The presentation crossed several scientific fields including physics, chemistry and biology.
About the Seminars
Irregularly held science seminars are cosponsored by the JSPS Strasbourg Office, La Maison Universitaire France-Japon, and the University of Strasbourg. Aimed at members of the general public, JSPS Strasbourg Office and La Maison Universitaire France-Japon have held more than 190 seminars with invited Japanese and French lecturers since 2003. If you would like to obtain more detailed information about these seminars or receive email announcements on future seminars, please contact JSPS Strasbourg Office.
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Coming Events
July 24-25

Office staff gave briefings at ENS Paris-Saclay and Université Paris-Saclay.
September 13

200th JSPS-MUFJ Seminar

Dr.Luu Bang(CNRS) will speak on Traditional Chinese Medicine: From Popular Wisdom Remedy to Medicine of Peak, Antimalarial Artemisinin Continues to Reveal Secrets.
October 8-9

France-Japan Joint Forum on Solar Energy will be held at University of Perpignan Via Domitia
Brochure 2018-2019
Cover Photo
【Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle】 Said to have been built in the 12th century, the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle is a popular tourist destination within Europe, though it’s hardly known in Japan. Located about a one-hour drive from Strasbourg, the castle’s tower commands a sweeping view of the picturesque fields and towns in the surrounding area. Inside the castle, various medieval items are displayed including implements, cannons, armor, and weapons, which give a flavor of life in that era.