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Le Bureau de la JSPS de Strasbourg a organisé, depuis 2002 17 forums/workshops sur différents domaines scientifiques en collaboration avec le Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, le CNRS, l'INRA, l'Académie des Sciences, l'Université de Strasbourg etc., en invitant des éminents conférenciers français et japonais.

Année Thème Participants
2002 Is a Novel Chemistry Possible? 450
2003 Postgenome 200
2004 The Universe: Origin, Evolution, Future 250
2005 Oceanography 250
2005 Workshop on Japanese-French Research Cooperation 150
2006 Translational Research from Genome-based Sciences to Clinical Research 50
2006 Chemistry Contributing to Society: Green Sustainable Chemistry 300
2007 ULP - JSPS Forum on "Chemical and Physical Nanobiology for Medicine" 270
2008 CNRS - JSPS Colloquium on "Energy supply and demand in the 21st Century: questions and options" 130
2008 ULP - JSPS 7th Forum on "Frontiers in Biology/Chemistry/Physics" 280
2009 INRA - JSPS workshop  "Molecular dialogue of bacteria with the host" 80
2009 Académie des Science-JSPS workshop  "Environment and Health Challenges" 60
2009 JSPS 8th Forum  "Singularities and Applications" 60
2010 The First French-German-Japanese JSPS Forum  “Food Science and Society” 300
2010 French - Japanese Workshop “Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage” 100
2011 France - Japan Joint Forum on “Chemistry of Functional Organic Chemicals (COFOC)” 509
2011 French - Japanese Workshop "The Nanotech Revolution from Science to Society - A time for passion A time for reason" 200 
2012 France - Japan Workshop "Water and Urban Environment" 100
2012 France - Japan Joint Academic Forum "Surgery for Life Innovation: Information Age and Robotics" 110 

France - Japan Joint Forum"Frontiers in Innate Immunity"

2013 France - Japan Academic Forum "Interplay between hominids and environment over time" 99
2014  France Japan Academic Forum "Recent Advances in Aeronautics and Space: Smart and Green Technologies and Applications for the future" 62
2014 South Europe- Japan Joint Forum "Inorganic Chemistry and its Interfaces"            76
2015 France - Japan Joint Forum"Innovation and the challenges of the world in transition"


2015 France-Japon Joint Forum "Science of Fermentation -an authentic innovation since ancient times""


2016 France - Japan Joint Forum "Ethno-Poïetics of Colors – from the experience of the tint to the poetics of the shade –"